Gordy Grundy, Your Waikiki Hotel, an International Airline and the Kustom Kulture Kolab present...


American TIKI is a cocktail show attraction for the Honolulu tourist. With two shows a night that blossom into a late nightclub, American TIKI is a fast moving, laugh happy, song and dance spectacular that celebrates the many generations of the American summer vacation.

American TIKI surfs at 100 minutes including an intermission for a cocktail and Pu Pu platter pit stop.

Aimed at the American and English-speaking Waikiki visitor, American TIKI throws a wide wink to our many Japanese guests.

The decorated showroom can be as elaborate and fun as Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Attached is an all-hour gift shop and museum attraction. This fun-lovin' exhibit features the artwork and sculpture of the contemporary Kustom Kulture art movement of surf, hot rods, burlesque, motorcycles and street art.

American TIKI and the Kustom Kulture Kolab museum are destined for a larger Las Vegas venue. As a travelling attraction, on an annual circuit,American TIKI and the Kustom Kulture Kolab is a circus for the fun lovin' wildcat and kitten. A stage show, concerts, great food and carnival attractions are presented over a long weekend.



Toe-tappin' and loud-laughin', American TIKI is a dizzy celebration of the evolution of our youth culture since World War II. The music of each generation gets faster as the swim suits get smaller. Live music by the Tiki Tones and multi-sensory visuals from our own DJ Valihi back a lively cast of dancers, singers and performers through a show of time, style and place where the waves are glassy, the road is smooth and the summer is always endless!


The American TIKI menu offers a variety of signature cocktails, each laden with souvenir swizzle sticks, flowers, signature umbrellas, and even a rubber shark. Salty and sweet defines the food menu of savory Pu Pus and classic desserts.



Several liquor brands; Food; Travel tours; Hotel; Airline; Extreme sports; Auto; Apparel; Entertainment platform partner; Local entertainment product: Hawaii Five-0;
A surf apparel partner is needed to costume the show

As an Aloha for every guest, the American TIKI Goody Bag promotes local retail, restaurants and attractions.



American TIKI offers brand potential with a line of established products. Limited edition American Tiki Barware, designed by famous artists, lead a long list of apparel and accessory items, both retro and contemporary.

American TIKI is the publisher of cocktail and lifestyle books.



In the marketing race for entertainment media content, American TIKI creates a synergistic resource in the production of style, lifestyle, food and beverage programming. Our American TIKI is the authority for all things Kustom Kulture, exotic, stylish and fun!



American TIKI is a copyright of producer Gordy Grundy. A script is available to qualified partners.

The show begins quietly and surely. With great respect, American TIKI leads with a sentimental aloha, a goodbye, to Pacific indigenous cultures. World War II explodes, changing lives, expectations and mores. The pedal hits the metal as the lilting sway of Fifties Tiki cocktail music collides with the birth of rock and roll. Let the youth culture begin! All within the first seven minutes!

American TIKI offers a song list of 28 tried and true crowd-pleasers. The four-member house band, the Tiki Tones, presents live music. Sweeping orchestrations are added by our very own DJ Valihi, who stands aloof in his tiki-like booth. The masked Valihi brings deep beats and comic sound effects to the narrative mix.

The Waikiki show is choreographed, produced and peopled with local talent. The show features ten dancer-actors and two aerialists.

Always promotionally-minded, American TIKI features several roles designed for the limited engagement of a special guest star. For the Waikiki show, roles are scripted for popular talent from Japan.

Swimwear costuming is an added American TIKI attraction, a showcase for our apparel promotional partner. American TIKI conclusively proves that the bikini has gotten smaller over time!

Humor is the cornerstone of American TIKI . Hosted by a snooty Japanese TV reporter, American TIKI is a hilarious "anthropological study" of youth power and wild culture. Populated with larger than life characters, American TIKI will make every Moondoggie and Eric Von Zipper laugh and smile with glee.

American TIKI is an explosion of sight, sound and soul. Surf roars. Rubber squeals against asphalt. Dance music beats faster. Leave civilization behind! American TIKI is a celebration of love, creativity, joy and a lust for life. By the end of the show, even the snooty news reporter gets seduced by the American TIKI charm!



Having earned a BA in Economics from USC, Grundy has spent a lifetime in entertainment marketing and production. He has worked with most film studios, notably Disney, as an entertainment marketing and promotional specialist.

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Grundy has extensive nightclub experience, creating, directing, producing and promoting events and shows, on a consistent weekly schedule.

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