Circle G is about inclusion, those things that we all share, and about identity, those things that make us unique. The Circle G creates a new order, providing a better way to divide us. Traditionally, humans have grouped together for racial, nationalistic or religious commonalities. Yet history has taught us that race, nationalism and religion also cause most of the world's problems. The Circle G offers a Better-World Order, twenty-six new categories with which to define us.

There is the Circle A. That represents all of the Alices, the Abdullahs, the Alfalphas and the smart Alexes. The proud Circle J gives us the Justins, Juans and Josephinas. Circle Z? Zorba, Zultan and Zoey. Everyone's a member.

The Circle G is open to everyone. It is a fierce fighter for unity. It is about the things that join us, connects all of us, even the people we don't necessarily like. The Circle G celebrates the common denominators that we humans undeniably all share.


Mission Statement
Why the Circle G? Why not another letter?
How do I get a free CIRCLE G Temporary Tattoo?
Can anyone join the Circle G?
Hey, wait a minute. Is Religion involved?


MORE SOON! This MANIFESTO is always under construction.